As The Morning Comes

album: Sneak Peak Release 2015 Album
genre: Classical Ballad
streams: 194

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Yeah it's a real love song how I feel about one special person
As The Morning Comes
12/17/18 10:11:35PM @anubis37:
Gorgeous and emotionally charged. Perfect.
04/08/17 07:07:31PM @lodato:
This is so passionate and musically, I'm drawn in.
02/14/16 10:12:41PM @anubis37:
Gorgeous! I love this one!

07/09/15 10:30:04PM @cooter:
Wow, this is so un-Kerrin. I love it, anyway. ;) Very nicely done, ma'am. Really, really dig the instrumentation choices. Beautifully conceived and delivered, my friend.
06/12/15 01:13:13PM @devodale:
IMages of the chitty chitty bang bang scene where truly scrumptious is dancing as a lifesize musicbox ballerina! Very nice.
04/01/15 12:16:40PM @reeker:
I get what you are saying Vig. I suck at writing lyrics lol. I may get a few words here and there but honestly I am a music writer. It is easier for me to write a song about how I feel than to describe it in words. Usually when I give a description it is short and to the point. :)
04/01/15 07:15:57AM @vig-wig:
Sometime I have to hear words to get tuned in and turned on by a song. One time I was challenged to describe in words what one of my instrumentals was saying to me. Thus was created the words to "Spun Gold." The title was the result of what another person and I felt best described the track. My point is you may not think you are good with words but you appear to have words to describe what your feelings were as you created this.
03/24/15 06:25:19PM @reeker:
Thank you Linda! I for one do not have a way with words like you do, but I can express what I feel in the notes. :)
Lyrical Princess
03/24/15 12:42:57PM @lyrical-princess:
Came back for a second listen. Beautiful work!! BTW ~ I give you a 5***** rating :)
Lyrical Princess
03/24/15 11:38:09AM @lyrical-princess:
Love songs have so much feeling in them & the love in this track shines brightly. That special person is very lucky to have this written for him ;)
This is truly a work of beauty. Love it !!


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