KB Bren
KB Bren

Kiss Me

album: unnamed
genre: Crossover
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A song about two people that rekindle a relationship after it become mundane...........
Kiss Me
Lyrical Princess
02/11/09 02:58:43PM @lyrical-princess:
Hi KB, Really enjoyed this song. Everything about it is top notch... Excellent performance.. Very catchy tune.. Loved it!! All The Best, LP
01/29/08 09:27:19AM @syntopia-music:
Oh what a beautiful song, i like the vocals very, remind me to the early years of cat stevens. Very great production and work.
12/11/07 09:35:00PM @self-tort:
I know I've heard this elsewhere, but I really love it so, what's the harm in another review. Love the mandolin and the passion you've thrown into this one KB. One of your best, I reckon. Congrats on your recent tuneflow win. You amaze me with your output and the quality you produce. Great stuff.



12/06/07 06:47:48AM @mark-cloutier:
very enjoyable man---uhhh,not the kiss--lol---the music is so relaxing-flows like a spring stream as i head out for the first trout fishing of the season! doesnt get any cooler than that!!the mandolin picking is the icing on the cake man! you sing it like ya mean it!! mark
12/06/07 06:40:25AM @dazed:
man this reminds me a bit of cat stevens.

mandolin sounds brilliant and I love the hook on this song.

great performance. delivered with a lot of emotion.

12/05/07 03:35:43AM @diva:
What a pleasant experience it was to listen to this song. Very cool tune. I like the mando sound and the very tasty underlying lead guitar work. I like the shift after the bridge -- leaving the mando and guitar then building it back up with all the instruments.

I like!


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