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Lazy Mouse

FORGET TOMORROW (With Maria and Richard John)

genre: Latin
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FORGET TOMORROW (With Maria and Richard John)
07/14/08 06:46:46PM @zzaj:
Absolutely luv-ly, Mouse... I'm definitely diggin' th' mood this tune puts me in. EXCELLENT recording, no fluff, & superb vocals (as well as guitars), especially the harmonies on the duets. This is definitely a "hook" kinda' tune, & it gets my HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating!
05/22/08 11:45:43AM @tlt50:
Awesome latin groovin' it !! Excellent musicianship ,great vox and harmonies.You did yourselves PROUD !!! Big Smiles...:-)

Larry T.....

Rogers-Tennison Band
05/02/08 07:34:33PM @rogers-tennison-band:
Great vibe / groove / pocket. Nice. Nice Did I mention "nice"?
05/02/08 03:28:20PM @bluesydude:
I love this. Very flavorful and soulful.
05/02/08 11:25:20PM @ijenneh:
Very nice lead female vocal and backing vocal. Nice flavor to music. Good mix. Enjoyed the listen.
Luca Wulf
05/03/08 04:24:01PM @huge-artist:
Very nice rhythms indeed!
Hand percussion,and a double bass?
Excellent vocals once again.
The vocal harmonies were top notch.
This really is radio ready IMHO,just the sort of song that would catch folks ears.
Summertime music :)
Greatly enjoyed!!
Hook begining to end.

Rob Grant
05/06/08 08:28:34AM @rayon-vert:
Another very upbeat, cheery have put a big smile on this grumpy morning face.....hehehehehehehehe. Well???? I'm not really grumpy, just slow, getting up....BUT!! this has helped start a happy day. Your productions and performances are SUPER!! Vocals are excellent.


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