weather 2015

album: Finding Home Again
genre: Ambient
streams: 16

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here's one from mehere's another for youoh this rope is tight around mealmost like I'm gonna diegonna dieleft is right and right is leftit's all the same to...
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I did the 1st v of this a few yrs ago. went into the studio to do something new from the top of my head this resurected itself more what I wanted it to be.
weather 2015
03/06/15 03:54:11PM @gene-smith:
Ahh another tasty helping of the unique artistry that is Lodato. I must say that this is my new favorite from you. Fabulous vibe, unique vocals, and VERY awesome lyrics, I am so glad you remade it.
03/04/15 11:09:54AM @mykall-mcdowell:
Excellent vocals & sounds brother!! Love how your song takes the listener along for the ride! Superb Work Rich!!! ~Mykall~


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