the garden of here

album: lo dat to go
genre: lo-dat-to-go
streams: 17

  Song Lyrics
the garden of here come weathercome cold as stoneyou're invited in the garden come vague and all too clearyou're invited to my garden gardenyou're invited...
  Song Information
writen and recorded in 2001 that place like the freedom train all is in place according to joy all is in place according to pain
the garden of here
06/02/20 08:57:28PM @bad-love-junkie:
What better place to start that at the beginning of your song page posts. Amazing work here Rich. I started listening to your album Francis Was A Good Cat. I'm not sure if that is your first official album or not but I am so enjoying it. This track is fantastic. Perhaps a bit more produced that I am used to from your later posts. I love the production. The use of your vocals talents shines on this. Love it Rich.

09/19/19 08:53:22AM @lodato:
Thank you Carol-Sue
carol sue
09/19/19 08:07:49AM @carol-sue:
The garden of here.. I love that title~ and of course, every song I have heard you create and perform!
Wickedly good track, Rich~ so creative! ::encore::


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