This Step

album: colabs
genre: Alternative
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now i'm on this stepI tripped uponthinking what I didremember how you walked awayleaving me in that strange waybut all the same you loved meyou don't have...
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ah man.....  putting this tune up in the studio was a trip... this tune Dave Meredith wrote for me....  just blew my mind.  I had the perfect story I've...
This Step
07/25/20 10:56:12PM @moquinn:
listening to this again....noticing things that may have gotten by me in my previous listening....just as in reading a book or seeing a movie for the second time....you notice things you did not in the first reading or viewing....as this song touches my heart
bill b
07/16/20 07:35:01PM @bill-b:
A real beauty. Great job - all round - Congrats
07/14/20 10:23:02PM @moquinn:
I love this ~ I have always loved your music & voice
a perfect collaboration & great sound

Farrell Jackson
07/12/20 01:48:13PM @farrell-jackson:
Very awesome collab Rich and Dave! Great music and excellent vocals/lyric. Bravo!



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