Now. (1997)

album: Now It's Time to Say Goodnight
genre: Acoustic
streams: 20

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now it's late the time just seems to racethe candle light and your embraceit seems I only had arrived and now it's time to say goodnightand we sighnow it's...
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Recorded in 1997
Now. (1997)
08/04/21 10:44:09PM @stringking:
Great song, great vocals, great production.
08/04/21 05:45:38PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Rich. I was so thrilled that you let me hear this over on Facebook. I would agree with Queen that it's haunting. Love it

tony cee
08/03/21 02:00:36PM @tony-cee:
love this rich , you vocals are superb love the background vocals , and that acoustic guitar very moving song .......cheers tony cee
08/02/21 11:02:40PM @moquinn:
Wow!!! I cannot double task when I listen to this song
It is so intense....it captures the listeners attention & pulls them in....
and makes the listener wonder about the story behind this song....I feel your song & I feel the love that inspired it

Queen Regina
08/02/21 06:24:29AM @queen-regina:
Rich, you are a natural old musical soul. What a haunting ghost. Man, you move my very soul. Love that changes all our lives. How can one just pass me by to cry!
This is so hauntingly beautiful. OoOhhhhhhhhh. Your delivery is full of truth, emotion, & what a glorious sound. I hear Angels crying. #QueenReginaPickHit Love 💘 This!

Twank Whelan
08/01/21 04:13:55PM @twank-whelan:
"Now".....wow! Love the way you slap that acoustic, such an infectious beat. And, ah, the way you're heart felt vocals soar across it! Glad you caught that "now" and glad you're sharing it


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