Razor's Edge 2014 version

album: 2nd life
genre: lo-dat-to-go
streams: 18

  Song Lyrics
razors edge a little light in the thoughteven in this storma little light in the lovecharming like I wasand when I'm cold in the sunthat will keep me warma...
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I did this as the lyrics fit so well even though I used them for the original Razor's Edge tune from '06
Razor's Edge 2014 version
10/02/21 04:32:41PM @bad-love-junkie:
Most excellent Rich. Great to see you posting music again my friend. Nice photo :)

Hey Eric ty buddy! Not sure why I put that pic up. I found it funny and odd.

09/30/21 07:04:35PM @firecircle:
like the music,the writing style and the performance-cool

TY Al! I had fun w this one!


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