Dreams So Near w Alison Cowie

album: colabs
genre: rock
streams: 18

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the stars were fallinglike a thousand tearsthey all washed awayin these dreams of fearsas they unfolded all around the darkelectric diamondsin this rain of...
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I  did this tune ages ago and Alison heard it and wanted to add to the background vocals. She took it up the only way she can do. She has a new teriffic...
Dreams So Near w Alison Cowie
10/06/21 12:59:14PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Rich. It is such a pleasure to hear these songs. So many I have not heard before. Building up the anticipation of all new material from your new board!!! Really enjoyed my friend

Twank Whelan
10/05/21 03:07:33PM @twank-whelan:
Lovely tune, great beat driving it along. Backing vocals are sweet! Yours are more savory, always something to chew on with those lyric. Enjoyed that
10/05/21 01:06:50PM @firecircle:
This is truly outstanding-bv adds were a very cool element-kudos


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