the birds

album: New Comes Along
genre: Acoustic
streams: 39

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the birdscast your spell upon the windget yourself upon your bestanchor yourself downget ready for the restyes you know the restyes you know where to get the...
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this is live so...the windows in my studio are amidst a lush garden of flowers and trees. I have a comfy couch under them and I fall asleep a lot and wake to...
the birds
10/03/19 01:34:20AM @cbearjuliano:
Loved it you have a new fan, Rich.
07/28/13 05:18:35PM @bri-an:
..i imagine a smoke being lit up directly after trackin this toon.
Fender Bender
07/27/13 12:01:30PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
I agree with other comments: the dynamics almost make this track "breathe" adding to the emotion. Good job!

07/26/13 04:51:52PM @david-c-deal:
Your use of the accent strings adds a fine touch. Most emotional guitar/vocal dance. You are most talented my man.
Farrell Jackson
07/26/13 10:00:45AM @farrell-jackson:
I dig the dynamics of your percussive acoustic guitar playing Rich and the strings add a great backing atmosphere to the music. Your vocal tops it off nicely!


bill b
07/26/13 07:17:11PM @bill-b:
Very good indeed- reminds me of Mr. Leitch in a lot of ways, The string tones are very Cosmic Wheel-ish the rhythmic structure is innovative and edgy-almost avant garde, Your usual high quality, guitar/vocal performance keep it all together- Nice Work!


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