Can't you see....featuring Mack Sanders

album: Mack Sanders_Lucindra
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 742

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I'm sure you know the lyrics to this classic.......
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I supply the meat and potatoes.....Mack pours the gravy on with the lead guitar and stellar vocals......a Mack attack in the 3rd degree !!!!!!
Can't you see....featuring Mack Sanders
Doug Dickens
02/12/17 08:03:17PM @doug-dickens:
One of my favorite from the early days and you two do it well. Thanks .... up on Tuesday's showcase.
05/10/11 09:29:19AM @lucindra:
Mack nails the lead on this well as the vocal...the Rolling Stone forth well as the NPR input....glad to be a part of this wonderful re-creation of a truly Americano classic.......The Mackster ROCKS......
03/30/11 09:55:29AM @jusananomaly:
I love this song, it's just excellent on of my fav here Mixposure. Mack voice is powerful and dynamic and this is an awesome track. thumbs up.
03/26/11 03:24:52AM @slarou:
Passion, soul and body(ies) are at the 'rendez-vous"
05/11/11 05:41:57PM @mike-kohlgraf:
What's not to like about this version of another classic??? I consider this one as good, if not better than the original. Instrumentation is extremely well done, but the vocals are the kicker in this one. Mack, you son of a gun, you nailed this like no one else could!!!

Awesome work! :)

Yeah - will be on my show (maybe this weekend, If I don't have to work again)

Kudos, Lu & Mack!!

Incarnate Word
04/27/12 08:21:05PM @incarnate-word:
Brings back a lot of memories some are clear others are a haze but all the same they are great just like the energy you guys put into this. great Job.
Farrell Jackson
04/30/11 10:13:34AM @farrell-jackson:
Real, real, real good! Excellent remake of this classic Lucindra and Mack! I hope it get's you both a lot of recognition and some bucks!


12/20/11 03:52:12AM @nightrain:
AWESOME Tune. Enjoyed it completely.
Lyrical Princess
05/01/11 02:28:48AM @lyrical-princess:
I heard this tonight in the chat.. You Both did a remarkable job on this one.. Though it doesn't surprise me any... Mack can definately belt them out.. And you with the instruments.. Excellence!!

All The Best...

07/14/11 12:21:23AM @david-c-deal:
Stellar rendition folks!
04/30/11 06:26:53PM @bob-ross:
There's a vibe here that just infects the listener. An excellent take on a classic, delivered in a fresh and original way. Bravo! (and what a kicka$$ vocal!)


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