Lyrical Princess
Lyrical Princess

Open Up Your Heart

album: Unknown Album (2/25/2011 9:39:41 PM)
genre: Easy Listening
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Open up your heartlet the love take partin all you have insidedon't give into foolish prideopen up your hearterase old memorieslet life begin againthen you...
Open Up Your Heart
06/06/13 07:42:33AM @hooyoosay:
really enjoyed listening to this nice, jazzy ballad. Very good instrumentation, and the expression of hope is felt all along. Smooth, easy-listening, but it speaks.
Mariah Belgrod
09/08/10 09:10:00AM @kenblekicki:
Great word pictures I envision listening to your lyrics. The rhythm variation are very cool and the piano solo is stellar, Lyrical Princess is a very good description of your talents!
- Kenny and the gang

Dan Stewart
05/20/09 12:36:40AM @dan-stewart:
Another really nice song. It was a pleasant surprise to hear the various styles of music all in the one song, all working very well together. Again, excellent lyrics, it expresses the promise of love very well. I really like the phrase "I'm still your friend, That will never end". I like the mix of this song and how everything fits it. Very nice.


Blue Period Blues
04/06/09 02:34:59PM @ramperampe:
hmmm...not bad
03/23/09 08:50:29PM @maxidogma:
I agree with Lhansen. A great song to listen to. The peddle/slide guitar is awesome. You have great taste in your productions. Reminds me of Steely Dan, which is a wondrful thing.
Juri R
03/26/09 01:06:41PM @grand-jury:
Very smooth in every sense,-and easily digestable piece.Fantastic pedal steel part,-not encountered much too often in Indie'sw scene.Great combination of different styles and flavours.Workin' like 110% for me..'cause I like very much eclectiocal approaches.
02/11/09 07:45:49PM @the-bard-brothers:
Interesting break from the country to the R & B bridge. Love the piano solo here, as someone said, very Supertramp.

The production is tightly knit, but I wonder if the piano is too mid-range. I'd like to hear some of the high-end resonance, or maybe some air to it. Do you know what I mean?

Overall, a solid song.

02/10/09 09:12:15PM @jdk:
LH- proud to listen to talented, fellow desert kindred spirits. great stuff from you guys. just love it. beautiful chord and signature changes. love the Duane Allman slide too. really top shelf music. will be listening in. bravo!


01/23/09 04:17:54PM @vesa:
Lovely piano playing with sweet guitar subtle; great singing; really good sound levels, fine tone on your voice; singing from the soul.. Like the steel guitar in the backup; so sweet and mixed with dobro-what a great combo-not often heard, my faves of strings. This is so cool; well arranged, nice tempo change. Very emotive alot of EXPRESSION. Gotta love the vibetone keys; so lovely of a sound; good guitar playing. This is quite original. Man this is going in my faves; worth more listens. Yesl; indeed; this has so much of my fave sounds in it... afew genre mixes, some country feel, but no matter this is one TOP NOTCH PRODUCTION.
-Your friend & fan. -Vesa.

01/22/09 06:26:05PM @richard-john:
What a great track! Fine, moving lyrics and very smooth, classy and memorable melody. Very, very good!

01/22/09 04:53:52PM @jelly:
Linda, this is very great!
Excellent job!

user image
01/16/09 04:01:20PM @:
Real nice listen. Great positive lyrics and an all around nice feel to this.
01/14/09 09:33:57PM @blue-sahara:
Oh how wonderful! As always, Linda, your lyrics touch and reach out to the listener. And they're put in such a lovely composition, courtesy of Eric. Lovely Pedal Steel here. Excellent production, superb message!

01/12/09 06:48:34PM @jelly:


01/06/09 09:45:35AM @bri-an:
aww..nice! love the "little Feat" "Steely Dan" sound of this...very well arranged.
The message gets through well... uplifting and pleasent to listen to. Nice work on this collab!

Rob Grant
01/04/09 12:41:21PM @rayon-vert:
Eric....."I Come Prepared"....and Linda.....VERY VERY COOL!! It kind of starts with an easy listening feel and really blossoms into a really nice rock track.......ala "The Band".......or in the vein. The slide guitar work is very nice and adds a lot of feel to the song. The electric piano is TOPS!! Linda your lyrics are Superb for music!!!! You guys did a SUPER JOB!!!

01/04/09 06:14:53AM @mark-reed:
Hiya LP another nice interpretation of your poetry. Liked the work Eric did with this one. well done
01/03/09 09:10:00PM @david-c-deal:
Wonderful lyrics my friend. Good song wrapped around them as well. You are the woman of words.

01/03/09 06:22:58PM @tlt50:
Linda.... Great to have your poetry put to such great music. Eric, excellent songwriting.Loved the style and vibe on this track. Masterful production....awesome collab ! I totally enjoyed this listen !!!
Larry T.....

Farrell Jackson
01/03/09 03:58:03PM @farrell-jackson:
Oh yeah this sounds good and I like the musical changes. The style sort of reminds me Super Tramp. I think it's the piano and voice? Good words Linda and "I Come Prepared" has done very well at putting the words to music. I like!


Luca Wulf
01/07/09 02:18:44PM @huge-artist:
Yep a very nice,smooth collab indeed.
Easy listening is not my usual hunting grounds,but youc an always spot a song that has been welld one regardless of genre...
Faultless musicanship,excellent lyrics and crystal clear production.
Very nice work indeed.

03/14/09 11:50:04AM @the-full-quid:
nice intro to cool jazzy country pop song , love the fender rhodes piano sound . this si so cool , I feel like I have been listening to a Classic Jerry Rafferty record complete with the 70's Soft rock easy listening radio . Your a re geeting quite a response wuth your Lyrics way to go ! nice positive upbeat message .cheers
02/08/09 05:04:54AM @jones-danby:
i think that parts with the country-guitar gives that a nice feeling. nice pianoplay...

nice song.


03/21/09 02:47:29PM @slowmarchingband:
LP - Well, you have another wonderful song here with some fine musicians helping you along. You definitly have very good lyrical content..your 'poetry-in-motion' so to speak. Truely enjoyable listening with a great groove!
01/05/09 07:40:41AM @autopilot-club:
Another great collab making excellent use of your lyrics, LP.
Nice work from both of you, me like!


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