Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa


user image 2014-08-21
By: Marco Akamawa

ten minutes for blogging

and thirty to write

perhaps then about ten for a shower

coz I ain't a very pretty sight


probably a break for some coffee

oh well I already will have had two

but I need some time off for reflection

on what the next thing is I'm gonna do


three hours to work on my music

am adding some Hammond in 'Eternal Light'

and not perhaps but just maybe

add some violin is what I might


do or not, I'm a hopeless violinplayer

there's not much that I know but I know

that me fiddling on my beloved Snow-White

will never-ever really steal any show


and by the time those one-hundred-eighty minutes

will have passed it's time for part two of today

at least four hours problemsolving at MAWA

gotta find money since asbestos took our gear away


now I return to my thoughts of

a horrible sleepless last night

turning in circles so hopeless

that all I'm gonna do for the rest of the day


is fiddle with my eyes tightly shut


just fiddle and fiddle for hours 


on my beloved Snow-White



Have a nice day y'all!

Love, marco


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