Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa

some Bats & Butterflies

user image 2014-08-23
By: Marco Akamawa
some Bats & Butterflies

a fifteen minute stretch of yoga

helped me clearin'up my mind

and show me how to be forgiving

toward the other one of a kind


because when doubt enters my head

all that's real becomes a lie

'till I put on fake wings of hate

and fly away way up too high


feelings that were ever felt

words that ever have been said

become a twisted miserable mess

while I fly on with wings of lead


I know the other didn't speak the truth

but that's a truth according to me

a fifteen minute stretch of yoga

beyond my own horizon I can see


there is no need to redefine intentions

nor change the song I play and sing

for you my beloved compose the left...

while the one that I am 

makes up my right wing


Have a great day, y'All
and happy moving, You

Love, Marco


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