Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa

inside the flow

user image 2014-08-25
By: Marco Akamawa
inside the flow

when living the past

for a hundred years or so

I thought I lived

outside the flow


of livin' things

of people and places

I lived in a past

where I just couldn't go


I failed to notice

when I was living

in the safe shelter

of my own head


that I was giving

part of me away

a part I should have

kept instead


like watching the weather

without seeing the sky

I'd bounce off the walls

when attempting to fly


like a prisoner

forever condemned

there were no beginnings

I only watched the end


when living in the present

for the past few moments or so

I am happy to find myself

right inside the flow


of all living things

of all people and places

don't know where I'm heading

but I do know where to go


I can't help but notice

that when I was living

in the safe heaven

I call my own head


that I was just learning

to not give away

too much of myself

can't give when I'm dead


oh I do watch the weather

a blue sky in the rain

and I thank those old dragons

that in the end I have slain


to have a true beginning

an endless one as it seems

a million friends for friends and

countless happy kids in my dreams


have a great monday Y'All!


love, Marco


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