Marco Akamawa
Marco Akamawa

the beads of my bracelet

user image 2014-08-26
By: Marco Akamawa
the beads of my bracelet

each bead of the bracelet that I wear

is a prayer to the universe

each bead a poem I send to the stars

to let them know how much I care


each bead of my bracelet is a thought

a million times ev'ry single day

and a thousand dreams at night

each bead the happiness I once sought


each bead of that bracelet is a voice

a voice in my head a voice in my heart

whispering all will be ok


and the stars in the universe


together they tell me


here my beloved we wish you


a day of love, a day of choice


Have a good one, Y'All!

Love, Marco

oh and Eternal Light
always shining
I think it's ready
to be re'mastered
but I'm not sure


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