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Green and Gold

album: OUT SOON !
genre: Celtic
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  Song Lyrics
Green and gold the meadows are Beneath the fading sun And fading with the skys own light Is the life of my loved one When we were wed I made a vow I never...
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Celtic revenge song. Played on dulcimer, and Variax in Mandola setting - celtic hand drum . Some help from my friend BigMandola to round out the sound.
Green and Gold
Barefoot Music
08/22/15 02:27:08PM @barefoot-music-group:
Absolutely touches my deeply rooted Celtic heritage Michael. I actually can see the photo in my mind of my great-grandparents sitting in their garden back in Cork County Ireland.
Really well done when an artist creates a visual through song.

05/08/06 02:44:39PM @chrickon:

08/27/10 01:56:04PM @mark-reed:
I just let this spin several times over, it's a piece of brilliance. I just loved it. Tremendous atmosphere, I can almost taste the heather. Excellent story given justice with a superb backing, and classy vocal. Really enjoyed this song
ALL the best

02/16/08 08:31:23AM @mark-cloutier:
01/18/08 04:23:21PM @syntopia-music:
ao beautiful, i like the voice and the mood of this track. Great instruments,a very fantastic song.
Guy Chant
01/13/08 11:38:24AM @guy-chant:
A really well put together track - a great feel produced by your choice of instruments, sensitive mixing and great voice. Thanks. Guy
01/08/08 11:47:22AM @brian-mattson:
Beautiful track ... such a great voice and production. Excellent! I thank you for sharing.
12/13/07 06:18:38AM @our-blue-moon:
Very nice.... I really like this tune. Great feel !!
12/05/07 08:29:19PM @andrew-hay:
Beautiful.........simply beautiful.
12/04/07 07:54:01PM @diva:
I am utterly speechless. This song, and your talent is that good.
11/30/07 05:27:49PM @shane:
i've commented on this work before,, and yet it is every bit as expedient that i comment again- listening to this more sice the first time-- i see and realize much much more in it, this song.
One thing, i noted the accent in which it is sung- and it strikes me as just how needful and good that it. I'm talking about the power in this song to carry one into the feel of a place in time.

11/30/07 10:55:31AM @lex-zaleta:
This could have been written by the man who sustained this grievous loss centuries ago, or it could have been written by you - or you are one and the same through time. Powerful song for the ages with a timeless beauty in the face of tragedy. Please explain to me why you are not on a major label - yet?
11/25/07 08:50:57AM @syntopia-music:

11/23/07 08:35:29PM @andrew-hay:
Pure quality throughout.
Rob Grant
11/18/07 05:49:10AM @rayon-vert:
Michael.....I have a special spot for celtic music, in my musical soul......this song is GREAT!!! Excellent vox and the instrumentation was perfect. A definite DL and THANKS for sharing.

11/15/07 02:16:32AM @shane:
me too-- i came and listened. My full name is Shane O'Brien,, - this may be Celtic,, but for me it seemed also,, very truly Irish. Enjoyed . Thanks for making it.
11/12/07 11:18:27AM @michael-nunley:
No MIDI work in this tune at all - also no loops.
Thank you all for you kind words. This is an older tune for me, but a fav project.

11/07/07 01:48:54PM @rookie:
beautiful piece of music haunting vocals, great instrumentation and production. excellent.
11/05/07 11:41:24AM @saitkoray:
congragulations my friend... when i read your review about my track (Baroque Love) i thought that you are a midi master :) Are you making your songs like you say in my review ?
11/05/07 01:41:10AM @s4e:
Haven't really listened to this type of music before. So not much to go in terms of comparison.
But I would think that this is what Celtic music should sound like :)
It certainly has that feeling to it.
Nice production.

Gary Carciello
11/04/07 03:16:23AM @gary-carciello:
Hello Michael!
Impressive perfomance!Arrangement,production,instruments,all works great...vocals are pro quality.Celtic melodies are full of magic and beautifull.
Colour of your voice is very pleasant...i like it a lot!
Really great music!

Gary Carciello

11/02/07 03:35:26AM @ace-layton:
Beautiful strength and energy in this Celtic tale! Lovely instrumentation and production too. I love music that takes you to places - in space, and time, and in the heart. Beautiful!

SciFiArtMan / Neomorphic Giant

bill b
07/28/07 11:30:17AM @bill-b:

Musically Mr M
07/10/07 02:36:48PM @archie-mcleod-iii:
Exceptional! Very authentic flavor and the instrumentation (selection) was right on point. Vocals were righteous! Talk about great pipes. Actual production on this was first rate. I downloaded this and played via Windows Media Player. CD quality all the way. Outstanding Mr. Nunley. Looking forward to listening to other tunes-especially some of your blues efforts.

Archie (Musically Mr M)

09/29/06 08:54:21AM @atavist-music:
Well done Michael, I am a Celt (honest) and this was simply beautiful!
Big Mandola
05/02/06 12:03:32AM @bigmandola:
Great tune. Gotta love that whole Celtic vibe. Love what you did with the dulcimer and variax. It was great fun and a privilege to have a small part in this.
04/13/06 02:05:57PM @jim-sexton:
The art of story telling to music is what I consider a great tune, great story. I'm a sucker for the Celtic sound so I really enjoyed this. By the way love the addition of the .243 to your musical collection, sold mine but keep my .35 Remington contender handy for those pesty chucks.
Grumpy Old Player
04/12/06 02:20:39PM @thedonsterproject:
I absolutely love this tune! It's been on my computer's desktop since the day I discovered it in Aug '05. This one gives me chills everytime I hear it, thus making it my favorite of all of your tunes.
04/11/06 02:25:30PM @chrickon:
Very good song and great performed.
Really nice mood liked it a lot

04/06/06 01:46:15AM @strum:
Very cool Celtic type song! Loved the use of the different instruments. Sitar and bagpipes?
04/04/06 07:15:08PM @george-shepherd:
This is most great, Michael. Great job. I love Celtic music.


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