Michael Stone
Michael Stone
Michael Stone


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genre: Rock, Power Ballad
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Stranger   Words-Music  1980 BMI Michael Stone   Cmaj7th Dmin7 Soft bitter light of the morning Emin 7 Fmaj7 I've got to raise this weary head Cmaj7th...
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This is about the umpteenth time I've tried to get this song produced the way "I" the writer want it. I think I'm getting close to my vision. Written in...
Michael Stone
11/18/14 03:35:39PM @michael-stone:
@Lodato... You just made my day. TY!!
11/18/14 03:25:32PM @lodato:
I like this production. The vocal is up front even though it's recorded hot that's an easy fix but it also adds grit that lends to the intensity of what your conveying here. Musical in every way and what a vocal! man Oh man!!
11/17/14 11:18:38AM @scotswolfe:
Great song Michael...I love the production,stong and powerful. Music and lyrics work together well.I tend to agree with David that there seems to be distortion ,but only when the very loud orchestral parts play...it seems to even fuzz the sound of the vocal at that point. Otherwise a great piece.
Michael Stone
11/17/14 05:56:02AM @michael-stone:
Thanks to all for your input. Exactly what I was looking for, some independent listens to help me wrap up this project. I'm already hard at work implementing some of the thoughts expressed and plan on a new sings and mix later this week. Again thank you all
11/16/14 07:28:59PM @mikewhitepresents:
first off Mike, I really dig this song! love the plaintive, poignant melody and lush, rising chord progressions of the orchestra...for my own ears, the guitar in there works really well..if anything, i'd say the conflict is coming from the excessive reverb on both guitar and backing..it makes the whole mix too muddy..but the contrast between the lush string pads and dirty, heavy guitar is emotionally spot-on for the song and it's lyric. Fantastic, soulful vocal too...you got a trace of the "Scott Walker's" going on in here my friend!
Farrell Jackson
11/16/14 02:26:52PM @farrell-jackson:
A good song, lyric and performance Michael. Great orchestration! I also hear the distortion in the section between 1:45 to 2:21 (chorus). I think it's the guitar you mentioned. It might be colliding with the orchestration a little which gives the impression that it's not suppose to be there. You might try taking away or rolling off some of the lower frequencies on the guitar track to separate it from the orchestra. Just a thought but good song!
Michael Stone
11/16/14 04:33:14AM @michael-stone:
Tony Bennett ? Never heard that one before. I'll take it, though. There is some intentional distortion on the guitar, but I'll examine the orchestral parts a little closer. TY ... That 's why I bring this pieces out for others to give input. I appreciate it David.....
11/16/14 04:25:34AM @david-c-deal:
You remind me a little of Tony Bennett on this. The orchestration is big on the version which I enjoy. (It might be just me but I thought you might be getting a little distortion in the bigger orchestral sections). In any case, sounding really good.


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