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MIXPOSURE Artists: What I need From You

By Michael Stone, 2014-03-21

Hi all...

I'm looking for some 'drops" for my show here on MIX... Drops ? You know bumpers, sweepers, ID's etc. that I can run between the music. Here's the do's n don'ts.


  • No longer than :15
  • Include a 'snippet' of your music if you'd like
  • MUST identify Mixstream radio and/or Mixposure.com (a mention of your host is always welcome) Cool
  • Say who YOU are ... (free publicity never hurt anyone
  • High quality (we are pros after all, right?)


  • Don't be TOO COOL FOR THE ROOM. If it sounds like a Cheech n Chong biit, I'll probably pass.
  • Bad quality

If I don't get at least 10 different artists contributing, I'll just dump the whole idea. The plan is for YOU to be a part of the program. Are you in ? Drop me a note and I'll let you know where to send me your MP3.

Thanks see ya here on Mixstream Radio....


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