National Steel
National Steel

Under The Gun

album: Viscus Victum Totis
genre: Folk-Rock
streams: 60

  Song Lyrics
You can ride away with the night on your shoulder and you can bury men's souls in the blink of an eye You can cast out the dreams and the worries and fears...
Under The Gun
04/20/15 12:27:39AM @tom-foster-morris:
Well done, great mix. I sense a strong Eagles influence and that's a complement. Kudos.
02/15/08 09:15:30AM @mark-reed:
A nice little country number, excellent track well done
02/14/08 11:24:05PM @michael-nunley:
Man, your mixes get wider and cleaner all the time. I felt like I was on the front porch with ya on this one. Very nice.
02/14/08 10:48:24PM @henry-harrington:
This is a really strong song. Well written and well performed.


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