Neil Benton
Neil Benton

Mill girl ballerina

album: Raise Your Voice
genre: Folk
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Another true story. It's funny how sometimes you find out the most interesting things about people you know well only after they have gone. My gran was that...
Mill girl ballerina
Lyrical Princess
03/08/16 10:30:16AM @lyrical-princess:
I love songs with a story. And this one is more special. Delicate you might say. Because it is tied to the past with family history. Poverty is a sad thing. Fortunately we have our dreams and imagination. This song sent shivers, gave me chills toward the end. For if not for lost chances, you may not be here to tell her story. I really enjoyed this sad, yet happy tune of yours. Your vocals are very clear, soft and very fitting choice of music / instrumentation. The lyrics are my favorite, as they tell your Grandmother's story & a portion of yours. Everything is perfect in this song. I give a full 5***** ~ Thank you for sharing. :)

All The Best,

Lazie J
03/08/16 01:33:21AM @laziej:
Great Song ....Great singing ....Love the voice the natural singing it .
07/08/10 08:55:28PM @wrightdude:
Well done! Excellent natural vocal delivery! Totally enjoyed!

07/07/10 07:17:11AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Some of this sort of folk is done with cod English West Country accents so I am glad to hear this done naturally. While there seems to be a crowd of American bands trying copy this style, this is the real thing and sublime. More, more please. ftlpope
07/08/10 12:14:10PM @mark-reed:
If you ever manage to get to the South of the UK there are folk clubs who would kill to get you onto their books. This is really good


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