Q Harper
Q Harper

Only God Loves You More Than I Do

album: "ONE"
genre: Soul
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Only God Loves You More Than I Do
12/16/11 08:11:55AM @durod:
Oh yea... that's what I'm talkin' about!! It don't get no smoother than this. You're killin' them ladies man!!

Peace to you brother

12/15/11 08:52:17PM @david-c-deal:
Beautiful work. Nice keys, vocals.. bass.. excellent.
12/04/11 10:04:29PM @rdallah:
What a beautiful song for a wedding or anniversary. Well written and plenty of heart placed in this composition. This should be the leading song for lovers everywhere.
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03/02/11 03:52:32PM @:
I'm officially obsessed with this song...this is singing...this is soul...this is CLASS! I can't get enough...inspires me to keep doing what I do. For that, thank you!
02/14/11 05:02:33PM @miguel-a-wilder:
You have a great voice. Very nice soulful track. Very well done.
02/13/11 09:14:22AM @josephrodz:
WOW! this is so profetional in all aspect,welcome to mixposure.
02/13/11 08:14:33AM @chrickon:
Agree with Alexis! What a vocal performance!!!
Also like to mention what a great musical arrangement, love the pianowork!

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02/14/11 02:05:25PM @:
This is what I like to call CLASSY! You have this rich soulful tone to your voice that is right in the realm of the greats. I felt like I was listening to someone who was totally in control of his instrument, knew just how much soul to pour out, and knows how to keep one's attention with his delivery and performance. You could have sang that line 100 times over and would have held my attention the whole time because you know how to stay connected to the heart & soul of your listener and audience. Brother, this inspired me and I had to let you know that. I can't wait to hear more from you. This makes me want to sing something...at random, lol. Outstanding work...Standing O!
02/16/11 07:07:01PM @cooter:
Outstanding voice, Q. Great tune, beautifully delivered. Love it.


02/23/11 08:26:44PM @jusananomaly:
Sooo smooth and silky..oohh..love the voice. Downloaded for my show tonight here on mix. It's Ladies Night..Please tune at 8pm. Here on www.mixposure.com/chat



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