Ray Brookes
Ray Brookes

Trojan Horse

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genre: Acoustic
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  Song Lyrics
In the chaos of a stormy night My ship blown way off course Your beauty swept towards my heart Like the virtual Trojan horse The morning sky was charcoal...
  Song Information
Song about a one night stand that ended up being a five year stand-off.
Trojan Horse
Farrell Jackson
06/09/17 11:15:40AM @farrell-jackson:
A sad song with very good lyric! The guitar tone is perfect and full. Your vocal phrasing and presentation brings a lot of emotion to the forefront of the song. Nice work!


12/02/16 06:45:37AM @ronbowes:

Sem to have missed this one. Beautiful work. Hope you get your mojo back soon, my rirnd.

Susan Ssun
11/30/16 02:44:51AM @susanssun:

I love your song, your voice - the lyrics and the phrasing! :) Truly, a beautiful song!

08/31/16 12:54:38AM @vig-wig:

I can relate to the brush with a heavenly experience and an abrupt reality so barren and stark. A fine set of lyrics putting me in a forlorn world. The guitar work was sublime and then production fine.  vig

08/30/16 08:58:37PM @self-tort:

Nice to see another Sydney-sider in here. Really loved the track, Ray. Beautifully recorded guitar tone. Vocally you had me in mind of Roy Harper. I love the fact that you posted your lyrics, because they deserve to be seen. And you are a dab hand at phrasing. Loved it. Look forward to hearing more. Cheers, Brian 

Ray Brookes
08/30/16 04:37:15PM @ray-brookes:

Thanks, Rich. Still trying to find my way around here so I'll be checking out your page soon. Any other refugees from MP3U on here?

08/30/16 03:43:50PM @lodato:
Beautiful song Ray. You know me, I hear a song from you and it lights up my day. This is why folks.


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