Red Sheppen
Red Sheppen
Red Sheppen

Blues with Mark Cloutier on leads

album: Mubla Wen
genre: Blues acoustic elec leads
streams: 67

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I did this acoustic thing using my iphone blue tacked to the guitar and then Nigel Potter was kind enough to convert the video to mp3 which was sent to Mark...
Blues with Mark Cloutier on leads
11/02/16 05:53:41PM @red-sheppen:

Fungus-Dace "] So happy to see you back Peter, here on Mixpo..and that your still playing....I do lots of music stuff with my phone..friendships are so important. You have how this came about. Makes me happy. We all go way back. Get back in here with new music. I will talk more on this later. Been listening in studio. Blasting it crazy loud..

You the man Dace - thanks so much for the listen and download - and the passion you show and the friendship mate is great :))


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