Robert Joseph Band
Robert Joseph Band

Pistol Pete

album: Rude Crude and Outta Tune
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 17,687

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 My 1st song is called Pistol Pete. I live in a city of 100,000 or so and it’s not a pretty picture. We rank per capita the 3rd worst in the USA for...
Pistol Pete
04/12/15 02:18:13PM @moblack-productions:
nice track really feeling this track
06/24/11 02:22:48AM @digger-stone:
for a first song i will say that this is a great start...

but this is not the # 1 song on this site! the fact that you pumped up your own numbers to get this glory is rather sad in my opinion.... i really thought you had more heart then this. i don't exspect this post to last too long as only the needy, shallow, and heartless would do this! there for my words will hurt you even though they are true...

you should let your music stand on it's own merits, and not try and make it out to be more then it is... that's when it's at it's best! not like this... just my two cents.....

peace Robert,

retarded potential
03/17/11 02:04:55PM @retarded-potentials:
Its a great track love the funky guitar touch kinda d boon ish in the whole feel song wise. Short review now I have a lot to get to listening to here.
01/10/11 03:58:39PM @josephrodz:
Im with Luca Wulf!!!!
12/17/10 12:52:07AM @digger-stone:
every thing the guy below me said!


Luca Wulf
06/15/10 12:59:27PM @huge-artist:
I always find it curious and slightly funny that being "Hard" is smoething everyone seems to be.
So if everyone IS a bad ass,hard as nails,don't mess with me..
It all becomes a bit so what.
It's conformity toa negative.
Rebellion would be a refusal to become hard as the next man.
No gangs,no guns,no anger,stand alone.

For a first song mate,it ain't non too shabby.
Yes,certainly the lead does show that you are still finding your way around the neck,but we all have to,no exceptions.

Main thing is,you write your music.
No one else can.
I have to say that your production is streets ahead of what mine was when I first began.
I have folders full of train wrecks.

So,no mate,be happy with it,it is a very good first step IMHO

Music Odyssey
11/21/09 05:25:56PM @music-odyssey:
Pistol Pete? that's me! Fun song, I like it a lot.
06/22/09 01:29:44PM @david-c-deal:
More old fashioned, raw, honest rock about real life. No sugar coating musically or technically but still carries the feel of the story.
David c Deal

Farrell Jackson
06/18/09 11:54:39AM @farrell-jackson:
Robert I really like the clarity you get on your recordings! This is rock at it's basic raw form and you do it well! Good words!


06/03/09 10:48:59AM @jelly:
Fantastic track!
Excellent Master!
Great job!


05/31/09 04:00:19PM @mark-cloutier:
05/24/09 09:48:18PM @stratoace:
Im a old timer and i am digging this gem..thanks...strat
Mrs Kyte
06/17/09 11:53:55AM @mrs-kyte:
Yeah, I knew a few Pistol Petes up in Metro-Westland Marlborough - you can really here the school of hard knocks that Fall Rivaah is in your your music in the same way no one was ever going to mistake the MC5 as a group from Orange County. This is a great rock strutter piece that acts as Pete's personal self-destrukto soundtrack. This is some of best bad-ass punk garage stuff I've heard in a while.
P.S. Sorry about raving Re: Remy on your page - I'm just the typical obnoxious exiled in Italy Sox fan :-)

Mike Prather
05/31/09 12:28:10AM @mike-prather:
Rocking track man .. Enjoyed my listen .. got me grooving.


Rob Grant
05/30/09 02:20:59PM @rayon-vert:
Rude and Crude......and "Outta tune" don't make a bit of difference, when it comes to RAW Rockin!!! MAN!! Some of them little guys 'll tear you up, that's for sure!!!! Being a fan of Iggy Pop, Stooges, the NY Dolls....back in the day.....I can REALLY appreciate the raw edge on this track. I played in a band that did this style of raw rock....and MAN!!! there's a lot of meaning and frustrations in this music. GREAT JOB!!! Looking forward to more!!! Ain't it GREAT to let it out and cut loose :-) I live in Baltimore, I know the pains.....

Juri R
05/27/09 12:12:59PM @grand-jury:
Thanx,Robert,-for your recent visit and your comments on our "Comin' Home"_song.
Spinnin' your "Pistol Pete",- which is sounding cool to my ears. Power-trio set-up,-is soundin' as rough and honest as one can get in the Classic Rock Formatt.Luv it!!

05/25/09 03:11:25PM @vesa:
That beat just pulls me right cool, and the chords are oustanding right upfront...(no pun intended)Good funky rockin bass looms all around, and the percussion is so steady. Really catchy -the lyrics remind me of a NY realm of musical genre, forget some names...but it's all you.
This KICKS with a bit of an edge...GREAT!
-Your ole bro -Vesa.

05/25/09 03:15:28PM @baracasa:
pistol pete, great track!, love your axe work!, you have a great voice as well!
05/25/09 07:42:39PM @dazed:
funky bass line on here. digging the guitar work but the mix could probably benefit from a little space. It seems like all tracks are in the center or close to it. Use the space!

05/28/09 01:24:33PM @devodale:
Wow! I like it. Raw and dirty feel with great guitar and bass tones. Definately sets the tone about your city!
01/18/12 10:38:39AM @improvewitherror:
Love the track man, nice laid back feel to it. Keep up the good tunes.


Stoned Wolf
05/06/11 12:20:24AM @stoned-wolf:
Ryhtmn and timing is what I admire....Not bad!!

06/09/09 09:29:11AM @the-autumleaf:
Cool Cool Tune....RRROCKin Stuff ....Loved It
Jay from The Autumnleaf

06/02/09 01:27:54PM @alan-stewart:
nice beat to this, great song.


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