Robert Joseph Band
Robert Joseph Band

You Wont See Me

album: Rude Crude and Outta Tune
genre: Classic Rock
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 I guess you can call this a “I told you so song” letting out some steam and verbally fighting back. No matter if your sick of traffic, your kids, spouse,...
You Wont See Me
retarded potential
03/17/11 02:19:08PM @retarded-potentials:
I think the grunge aspect Farrells hearing is specifically the new wave influence on grunge. Yeah you are a rocker but that punk new wave tinge is undeniably great.
Farrell Jackson
06/18/09 11:48:38AM @farrell-jackson:
Hi RJ! I like the opening slide work. This song has the grunge element without the extremely dirty grunge rhythm guitars, which makes it unique. Come to think of reminds me of the early punk genre. Well done!


06/14/09 08:01:31PM @vesa:
I really dig the two guitars, one with a fine rhytm happening, as the other gives a cool edge. Really like the VIBRANT cool vocals, -a good vocal range, very neatly upfront...fine 'industrial genre' oriented guitar solo, fits the bill, catchy tune..."you won't see me" really sticks well, dynamite lyrics Yeah!!!...most ENERGETIC work -reminds me of the Ramones or early Lou Reed, but it's all you, FAB artistry.
lOVE THIS Robert. Glad I came. EXCELLENT! Original.
Into my faves my friend.

06/05/09 06:45:18AM @dazed:
love the slide in here Robert. Very raw and delivered like a man with an attitude :)
06/05/09 02:06:56AM @anaji:
haha nice. Fun music, Honest lyrics. Great.

Loved it.


06/01/09 08:21:52PM @digger-stone:
this has a rea cool intro, and a touch of hendrix vibe through out, this is a cool piece rj, congrats brother! MORE!


Rob Grant
06/01/09 08:14:58PM @rayon-vert:
Keepin' it down and dirty......RJ, I can't help but get a smile when I listen to ya. It's COOL!!! It's FUN!!! It's RJ!! :-) Lay it on the line......

Mrs Kyte
06/17/09 11:45:36AM @mrs-kyte:
During that opening it sounds like someone or something is plucking the notes from the guts of your ax, fab; great Iggy approved count-in; love the primitive groove and unexpected accents on the verses; definitely hear some '67 era Lou Reed flavour but coming from a bluesier place. Nasty and beautiful.
06/08/09 04:01:39PM @david-c-deal:
Raw song that expresses your rage with honesty.
David c Deal

06/09/09 09:31:26AM @the-autumleaf:
Solid Stuff .. really Stylish ..Grooovy Tune...Excellent Slide...Excellent !!!!
Jay from The Autumnleaf


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