Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

I'm Not Right For You

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                "I'm Not Right For You"   I was sittin' in a corner at a table all by myself She was standin' alone in the pool room lookin' like she needed...
I'm Not Right For You
07/12/13 08:41:51PM @ron-kauffman:
LP...thank you. Your compliment means a great deal to me. I respect your music and you as a writer, so to receive such high praise from you is inspiring.

Chrickon....thank you. I'd love to hear this song produced as well, but I'm not as talented as so many others on this site, and can't afford the cost of a studio demo. Your compliment is greatly appreciated.
Peace, Ron

Lyrical Princess
07/12/13 04:12:11PM @lyrical-princess:
Wow Ron.. I love your lyrics.. You've a real Special knack for writing.. You paint a picture so clearly, almost as if one were in the same room.. Vocals, music & lyrics fit like a glove.. Really enjoyed listening to this..

All The Best,

07/12/13 02:28:29PM @chrickon:
Hi Ron! Great song and performance! Would like to hear this in a more fully arrangement, not that i dont like it the way it is.

07/11/13 04:33:02PM @ron-kauffman:
Such nice comments on my music. I have no clue what to say except thank you all for listening and being so supportive. Peace, Ron
07/05/13 11:35:20PM @the-truevulgarians:
Yet another winner here Ron! I like the reverse psychology aspect to the tune. Kinda of the "act like you don't care and it'll drove her crazy" method of seduction! And I'm always a sucker for any song set in a pool hall. I always enjoy your tunes and this one is no exception! Keep up the good work friend...


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