Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

There's Nothing To Forgive

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"Theres Nothing To forgive" It Just feels wrong he's only 53 and he's living in this home I know he has the best of care but that still...
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My wife works as a caregiver in an assisted living environment. Her biggest concern for the families of these people is the guilt many of them carry in their...
There's Nothing To Forgive
Bamil Music
06/05/18 09:47:44AM @bamil:
Excellent one Ron. Wonderful lyrics and superb track, Love it 🔊🎸🎶🎵🎶🎶🌞
05/30/18 07:10:48PM @ronbowes:
Sad tale delivered with style
Brett Service
11/18/13 02:00:59PM @brett-service:
Powerful lyrics Ron, and I really like the chord intervals. Enjoyed the listen.


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