Ron Kauffman
Ron Kauffman

Don't You Break My Heart

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genre: Comedy
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"Don't You Break My Heart"     It's hard for me to let someone get close   everytime I do I get hurt and man that really blows   when things start gettin'...
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Every now and then I like to write a song that's out there, and Mixposure is always the first to find out just how out there I can get
Don't You Break My Heart
Farrell Jackson
02/10/15 11:04:03AM @farrell-jackson:
Some fine songwriting and guitar playing with a bit of lyrical humor. Well done Ron!
Dylan Thermos
01/30/15 08:16:55AM @dylan-thermos:
Great song, it has the same sort of sentiment as my "My wife ran off with my best friend",
Love these type of song, a break from the usual.
Well done.........:-)

01/29/15 10:31:25AM @david-c-deal:
A heartbreak song that is a laugh-er. Very creative Ron!!!!!


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