Self Tort
Self Tort

Mid Life Crisis

album: N.I.C
genre: Blues
streams: 91

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MID LIFE CRISIS   Well the face in the mirror don't look like me There's skin on my head where my hair used to be Can't fit into my last year's clothes...
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I had thought this song was already posted here, but it was mentioned in chat during the joint Jim's Artificial Earth and R S Cain radio show the other day...
Mid Life Crisis
Farrell Jackson
08/11/11 06:19:23PM @farrell-jackson:
I'm sure I've reviewed this song somewhere Brian...but where...who knows? They say the memory is the first to go but I can't remember the second thing, lol.......It must be a mid life crisis...oh yeah I remember Radar Love quite well and I've been that in mid life thing for a while now.

Ok on to the song review.....this lyric is very well written and you accent them well with the main guitar riff. You're voice was made of this of course it was it's your song! Nice tasty lead solo on the geetar. The song style, lyric content, arrangement and instrument/vocal performances all works for me old man! I'm on my third listen now........


08/11/11 06:05:21PM @gene-smith:
Just turned 50, I can relate! Rockin' tune, full of energy and love the lyrics! Cool job :)

08/14/11 08:56:10AM @gary-hart:
Nice track Brian! Guitars and vocals are as solid as they come! Bass and drums lock in well together...really nice job on the recording aspect of things...Enjoyed this number!


11/02/11 01:56:24PM @mizieya:
wow this is so reminiscent of golden earing: Radar love with its guitar and vox. I like this track. Good dance groove.


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