Self Tort
Self Tort

Noah Vale Hotel

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genre: Ballad
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NOAH VALE HOTEL   Tiled mausoleum, a piercing scream Another drops so easily Into mental vacuum There’s ample room for nothing   Broken backed men, they...
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This song had its genesis in 1977 and I first recorded in about 5 or so years ago and it was posted on the earlier version of mixposure. As luck would have...
Noah Vale Hotel
Gary Shukoski
07/08/16 04:19:32AM @gary-shukoski:
Really great tune! I love ballads and this one is done with so much ambience and emotion. Also, the production on it is perfect!
07/06/16 06:39:27PM @tcp:
Hey've always had a certain sensibility in your treatment of songs that I've appreciated though the years. No different here. I do think it's a combination of the various lines, progressions and sounds you choose, but also your power to write and arrange with finesse. Having a voice like yours never hurts as well! Thanks for being there and a support to the band. /Blake
11/16/11 07:03:28PM @cooter:
I see this is marked "Constructive" for reviews. With that in mind, I would suggest if there are any other tunes saved from the cutting room floor, please post them as well.

This is wonderful tune. The vocals are quite moving, to my ears. I am diggin the production as well. I like the instrumentation choices.

Enjoyed every moment listening. And, thanks for the download, good sir.


11/15/11 07:03:35AM @bri-an:
Great to hear this the many zones you encounter in the arrangement,( can be very dynamic), both vocally and musically...
The energy level is maintained by the keys right to the 2:26 point when there is moment of transition...intermission of sorts, which is a classy touch going back into the head like you do.
The definition between the zones could be developed more by way of a break before the chorus (dead stop) (1:40)...then into the moment of transition?
Because of the powerful nature (lyrical content) , refinement of presentation can be a daunting task...but, i'm confident you will figure out the right way to go...
find you way....ya, excellent writing MR B hugefaniam.

11/15/11 04:52:51AM @ian-rushton:
Hey! Lovely song, endearing, gritty and organic vocal. Nice arrangement too! Nice :)


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