Self Tort
Self Tort

Running All The Way (Keith Trimm/Brian Ralston cowrite)

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genre: Rock
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Running All The Way   Turning hours into days People rabbitting on inanelyAs if I really cared When all the time I'm thinking I'm missing you Want to head...
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About six years ago Keith Trimm sent me a backing track which he had recorded and asked if I was interested in writing some lyrics and doing the vocals. I...
Running All The Way (Keith Trimm/Brian Ralston cowrite)
01/14/12 03:06:45PM @quarter-moon:
This song has some undertones of the old Rascals from the 60's, I like being an older listener and player. Just the right amount of Keyboards to keep it interesting, I miss the B-3 of old.
Farrell Jackson
01/13/12 12:28:57PM @farrell-jackson:
Hey's good to hear a new Selftort song! This one is a real mover. I especially like the way you've used and placed the backing vocals....they support the lead vox well without crowding at all. Nice one!



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