How Deep The Blade Goes feat. Paul Dempsey

album: Single
genre: Ambient-Rock
streams: 57

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How Deep the Blade GoesPaul Dempsey(v1)Your words cut in a flashI feel my eyes begin to closeThey rip at my emotionsLeaving them all exposed(v2)You know...
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Since 10 years I work with lyrics from Paul Dempsey. Some albums we made in the meantime. We met each other on Mixposure years ago.
How Deep The Blade Goes feat. Paul Dempsey
06/16/18 02:43:33PM @serious-music:
[quote="Tricia C"]
Thank you so so so much, Tricia.

06/01/18 10:18:16AM @serious-music:
Thousand Thanks Larry.
06/01/18 10:16:20AM @serious-music:
Thank you so much, Carol-Sue.
carol sue
06/01/18 08:43:38AM @carol-sue:
Very creative~ excellent production!!
Nicely done.. enjoyed listening, Inge and Paul! :)

05/31/18 07:25:00PM @tlt50:
The vocals brilliantly express those haunting lyrics, Amazing percussion/drums throughout this track, which is very well performed and produced. The piano was superb. Very enjoyable listen, Inge.

Larry T

05/31/18 12:52:58PM @serious-music:
Fungus-Dace "]
18 streams...they are listening...
:style="height: 20px" alt=":)">

Yes, Dace, it is super.

05/30/18 07:28:55PM @gary-hart:
Interesting spin here! Reading the lyrics as I was listening...deep! cool tones on the vocals and background vox. Mix fits well...Over all a very well done production!!
05/29/18 01:58:53PM @serious-music:
Thank you Dace. Until now 8 streams. :)


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