Welcome to my Universe

album: Welcome to my Universe
genre: Alternative Rock
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Composition , instrumentation and vocals :  SHANE Female Vocal:  Jessie
Welcome to my Universe
06/25/18 09:18:58PM @lleitao:
Fantastic tune. So many wonderful sounds going on with such spacey, ethereal vocals blending awesomely throughout. Thanks.
Gary Shukoski
11/12/16 12:21:31AM @gary-shukoski:
My first listen to this one. My wife and I are hearing it together and we likes a lots!
12/10/08 08:56:18AM @piperon:
I have big appetite with space theme music especially with such high capacities sound range. Crystal clear, no doubt the professionism is upfront. Acoustic is definitely one superior sound I envy always but such high standard here set apart the difference with others. Of course, the vocalists are awesome, way too melodious and passionate for a newage musician like me. I don't think I can make music with such high standard.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

The RatMan
02/18/08 11:36:21AM @the-ratman:
Great Track Shane! Jessi- Talented indeed. Love it alot! The Rat!
02/07/08 12:30:26PM @brian-mattson:
Only you can manage to use a trance beat and make it work. The alternating bass line is cool! Usually drives me crazy, but this really works. Kudos to you for experimenting! Love your vocals as always, and Jessi sounds good on here as well. The timing on the guitar is way cool too!
02/06/08 08:22:13PM @diva:
Fan-freaking-tastic!!! Stunning in every way. I could lost in this song forever and die a happy man. Love the guitar sound, the vocals -- the FEEL!!!! Mix is top shelf. It doesn't get much better than this.


02/06/08 08:23:15PM @dazed:
Jessi has a great voice!

Great collab guys. This is a stellar track! Man is she a member here? I can hear her on a lot of songs from people.

Awesome tune :)

02/06/08 04:43:43PM @shane:

In this track I've got Jessi singing with me . We did this a couple years ago. Jessi was only 14 then.

In this age of cyber bands, 90 % of the people i work with in music are across the net.. -- Jessi lives down the road from me- and it is becoming a special pleasure to actually work in person with somebody. !! LOL especially somebody as cute as Jessi. oops.

As for the music, i enjoyed exploring the blend between a Trance beat (kik drum , bass note, Kik Drum , Bass note, 4/4 alternato in ) ,, blended with rock roots.

I used Ohm Boyz OhmForce to get the effect on the aqustic guitar . it's cool.


02/06/08 05:06:30PM @syntopia-music:
Shyne , allways i enjoyes your great music, What a perfect production. I like the sound and the style of this track. Great arranged an wonderful vocals.
02/06/08 05:52:42PM @sandz:
Another excellent job from you Shane. The bass line pounds my chest. Everything is perfect. Keep it up!
02/06/08 08:43:50PM @tlt50:
Welcome.....Indeed ! Two great vocalists for the price of one. The care you take with all faucets of your music,is what makes the music so amazing. Astonishingly tasteful ,precise and thoughtful. What a magical listen !!! OUTSTANDING >>>> !!

Larry T.*****

02/06/08 06:29:14PM @pyramis:
Interesting listen Shane.
Good driving bass groove,and the production is spotless as usual.
Nice effects on the vocals.

Farrell Jackson
02/06/08 07:02:17PM @farrell-jackson:
Great production Shane! The acoustic guitar twinkles like it's made of crystal glass. Excellent variety in the song, which is very skillful on the production end, since the majority of the song is one chord. The two voices ...... compliment each other perfectly and with perfect pitch.
I'm on my third listen now so I'm gonna stop typing and just enjoy the song.



02/06/08 07:28:45PM @maxidogma:
Man, I love the ethereal cathedral organ. The vocals and balance are excellent. Outstanding instrumentation and arrangement. It inspires me. Maxidogma. :)
02/06/08 09:04:05PM @rob-hanlon:
I love this! What can I say.... It's perfect in every way. Extremely Well Done.
Rob Grant
02/06/08 04:52:06PM @rayon-vert:
Shane, you always have SUPER Productions. This is a GREAT SONG......Jessi has a very cool voice.............very pretty, emotional, great range, and well controlled. I guess she gets it from Big Brother :-) LOVED all the guitar effects going on...VERY COOL!!


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