Wake Up

album: Into the Grey
genre: Electronica
streams: 15

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And the dreams go and on and on and on and on ...................................................
Wake Up
10/06/19 06:20:31AM @slippy-t:
Hi Carol-sue apologies for the late reply.. Thank you so much for checking in and listening. And of course I remember you. I've a bit of a hiatus in the music side of things as I've been involved in other stuff but I've got back to it over the last 6 months. The music I'm trying to make now is still as eclectic as ever but I'm trying to bring a lot of other instrumentation in rather than playing with loops. The result isn't always perfect but is a hell of a lot more satisfying as I can make a more distinctive sound. I thought I'd show up here as I had seen Chris (TEDDZ) posting. It's really nice to hear from you.
carol sue
10/01/19 07:45:40AM @carol-sue:
Hi there, Slippy-T,
Welcome to Mixposure! So great to see you here~ it's been such a long time.
Not sure if you remember me from Mp3 years ago, but.. I remember you!
Thanks for sharing this very cool track! Much enjoyed listening!! *****


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