DANGER - with Jasmine Tea

album: 7th Seal
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 110

  Song Lyrics
DANGER The lyrics are coming from an aggressive sarcasm in alot of the content- caling into question things like, complacency and apathy in the mainstream...
  Song Information
DANGER   SHANE : Composed and performed by shane including keyboards, bass, rythm guitars and accent guitars and vocal. MICHAEL STYRON : Lead Guitar and...
DANGER   - with Jasmine Tea
09/07/11 07:36:11AM @mel:
LOVE the intro as it really sets the atmosphere. Jas's vocals are perfect for this, quite haunting. Shane your singing is just great, so clean and strong. A really enjoyable listen. Love it when the beat kicks in, guitar is wonderful! Great. Wishing you well, Melsi
09/03/11 08:54:48AM @gary-hart:
Again...this is the second time today I heard something totally different...Cool track! awesome background vocals...interesting guitars and leads fills...bit of a mix bag of instruments going on to keep the song moving along...Well Done!


Mista Perez
09/03/11 05:01:13PM @mista-perez:
The intro was solid. I missed this type of music with atmosphere. Great lyrics that set you in the right listening mood. The vocals are friggin MINDBLOWING. What a great collaboration.
09/03/11 04:33:13PM @david-c-deal:
Shane, Michael, Todd and Jasmine... incredible production. Shane, your vocals always move me in a powerful way. That "bass drum sound" really cuts through nicely in the mix. Wonderful power when the strong rhythm guitar comes in... Creative..Lyrics are profound as well. congrats


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