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Kissed By Angels

album: The Singles
genre: Rock
streams: 346
creation date: 2014-02-14

Kissed By Angels
Lyrical Princess
03/02/17 07:15:34PM @lyrical-princess:
Always loved this song. I have to say that knowing the story behind it, brings tears to my eyes. Outstanding performance by you all. 5*****. I thought I reviewed it after you first posted it. My sincerest apologies. You're a mix favorite for sure. But you already knew that ;)

All the best,
LP :)

03/01/17 10:17:34PM @the-london-project:
Tricia C:
I was SO blessed when @moquinn told me this week that Lonnie dedicated this beautiful song to me after my serious van accident when a semi cab pulled into traffic and hit me. What an awesome gift of a kind heart ❤️ to dedicate to me. Many at Mixposure have the most beautiful hearts & souls but THANK YOU Lonnie!!! Blessed beyond measure!

Tricia you are so very welcome. Comments like this is makes us want to write more and more. I hope you are feeling much better.

10/18/16 10:17:21PM @moequinn:

heard your song again tonight on MixRadio.... from the first time I heard it I felt it is a fine song  ~  but, tonight you dedicated it to a mutual friend who was recently in a very serious vehicular accident  & I had no idea til today just how serious & how much she suffered... today listening to this song it brings tears to my eyes...  the angels were surely watching over her ~ thankfully... strong willed woman & she will get thru this just like all the trials in her life

02/18/14 06:26:23PM @the-london-project:
Thanks Farrell... Hey that is awesome that you were able to do something with that track. I knew it had potential but just couldn't get it finished. I will take down the previous version. Feel free to mix it down. I appreciate that a lot Farrell and can't wait to hear it!
Farrell Jackson
02/18/14 06:20:57PM @farrell-jackson:
A very moving song and lyric Lonnie..... From the crack of the snare, the elect./acoustic guitar parts, bass, emotive vocals, and sound effects all play a part in making this a great but sad listen.


BTW, I've zeroed in on a lyric and melody for your instrumental. This week I will record the keeper vocal tracks. Do you want me to send them to you for a proper mix or should I just mix my vox to your MP3 (which is not the best choice)? Regardless, I'll send you an FJ mix demo to check out when I get the vox done. My email is

02/18/14 12:13:23PM @the-london-project:
Thank you Jim! I appreciate you taking the time to listen and to play it on your show!


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