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Lover's Moon (Featuring Farrell Jackson)

album: The Singles
genre: Slow Rock
streams: 194
creation date: 2014-02-23

Lover's Moon (Featuring Farrell Jackson)
12/05/15 10:35:31PM @moequinn:
Excellent track read all the comments & I think @Lyrical-princes expresses my thoughts ~ being a sentimental kind of person who always wore her heart on her sleeve & then had it broken over & over again this song touches my heart
Lyrical Princess
03/01/14 03:14:36AM @lyrical-princess:
Lonnie, Don & Farrell...."You've been human from the start.. That's when they always break your heart." I'm beginning to understand ... Finally.. LOL ~ All kidding aside, as I'm sure the lyrics in this song are all from the heart, I think that they are very nicely written. And whomever holds the key to that Lover's Moon... Holds the key to a very Special place. Never lose grasp nor sight of it. I really like the upbeat melody, it has a very happy feel to it. Farrell did a wonderful job singing this. Super collaboration. A job well done by all .


02/24/14 04:05:40PM @david-c-deal:
Fine collab folks!
02/24/14 03:22:02PM @the-london-project:
On behalf of Farrell, Don and I, thank you all for your kind words and for listening! It is always appreciated
02/24/14 01:29:52PM @chrickon:
Great track guys! Catchy melody and great performance by all!

Farrell Jackson
02/23/14 08:51:37PM @farrell-jackson:
The mix sounds great Lonnie! I want to thank Lonnie and The London Project for allowing me to be part of this top notch song!


02/23/14 08:14:23PM @gene-smith:
Absolutely digging the heck out of this! Well done.
02/23/14 07:12:33PM @tlt50:
~Excellent Gents ~ Songwriting,,,,,musicianship.....performances and production... *Outstanding* :)
02/23/14 05:05:49PM @the-truevulgarians:
Very nice, excellent collab Lonnie and Farrell. Awesome music and I think the lyrics and vocal fit like a glove... First rate work!


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