The London Project
The London Project
The London Project

I Wasn't There For You

album: The Singles
genre: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
streams: 199
creation date: 2017-11-08

  Song Lyrics
Verse 1Catch the light through swollen eyesNo sound.. just shapes one allibySirens wail just another Sunday nightIn and out of your bloodied mind. Verse...
I Wasn't There For You
Bamil Music
12/18/17 12:51:05PM @bamil:
Excellent track, great ambience, vocals and tempo 👍🎸🎶🎵🎶
11/21/17 01:30:23PM @chris-moore:
This is such a moving track. Wonderful lyrics, and perfectly delivered with that vocal. If something beautiful can come out of a tragedy, this is it. Great work.
11/12/17 10:04:35PM @the-london-project:
Thank you everyone for your comments. We are still trying to work this one out. We want something that truly pays tribute to that terrible day.
Barefoot Music
11/12/17 02:57:38AM @barefoot-music-group:
Fantastic TLP!!
I'd of loved to spin this on my show.

11/08/17 01:10:20PM @david-c-deal:
Sad expression of remorse... well spoken.
Farrell Jackson
11/08/17 10:21:38AM @farrell-jackson:
A very emotional vocal and lyric London Project........The music and story pulled me in to the very end. Also a great sounding acoustic guitar!



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