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Master of His Time

album: Argue Street
genre: Easy Listening
streams: 276

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Written about Leo Fender
Master of His Time
09/10/10 08:29:04PM @dazed:
Heard this on MixStream Radio tonight on DevoDale's show. Awesome tune. Great melody and love the guitar ans sax on this. Great touch!
09/16/08 12:26:27PM @emphyrio:
Sweet intro....beautiful bass play.
Nice strings in the background. Very good arrengement work.
A song made for lovers....

Emphyrio :)

03/31/08 11:24:31AM @the-london-project:
Many thanks for the comments. This song is quite a bit different that the type of tunes we usually write. It was written as a tribute song to Leo Fender and I will be using it as a backtrack to a video I took. It was inspired by the private tour of his lab that I was on about a year ago. I have lyrics for this but since it has taken a year and it is still not done, I figured I might as well post it as an instrumental.
The tour of Leo's lab can be found here (we'll see if I can drop in the code)

If you can't see the embedded video then you will have to click on this link.Leo Fender's Laboratory

Thanks again,

03/31/08 08:18:25AM @mark-reed:
This is so laid back it's lying down, It's the kind of piece that soaks up the atmosphere, and projects itself onto you. Very nice piece of work well done
03/31/08 03:01:59AM @ab2:
ohhhhhhhh such a gentle intro, very beautiful, soft, almost caressing. Beautifully understated bass, this is a real pleasure...Although it`s morning here, this piece to me should be played by lovers late at night, it has so much sensuality moving through it. Those little guitar adds really do give it so much .Very, very enjoyable..Impressive..:-)

Peace n love mags xxx :-)

06/11/08 09:50:41AM @ab1:
anyway I made it past that weird white page man.. glad i did.. this is spacious and deep.. lovely vibe and a bit of floydian feel and sound.. the kind of music to put on late at night to usher us into sweet dreams.. but there's more than a touch of poiganant meloncholy to this one.. my kind of music.. thanks hunter.. :-)


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