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Hangin' On

album: Argue Street
genre: Acoustic Rock
streams: 719

  Song Lyrics
Hangin' On Just like that I was thrown on back really hard to breathe, Got the word earlier today it's time to change your life, Eight years had put behind...
Hangin' On
03/28/17 05:26:46AM @kephas:
Awesome track here. Great groove with tasty guitar work. 5 x 5...
07/26/12 08:10:31AM @the-autumleaf:
great feel ..nice rhythms and excellent guitars..overall a great listen
Jay from The Autumnleaf

08/04/10 06:15:34PM @michael-frazier:
The main vocal needs a little compression to keep it up in the mix. Hot drummer and lead licks. Solid chorus part. Mix could use some work. Good song overall - just needs some engineering treatment.
05/17/09 07:06:55PM @the-bard-brothers:
Love the groove of the rhythm chords, but please, on the next mix, record the guitar with a microphone. The power of the chords is destroyed by the direct-in. Bring the vocals up more in the mix, especially during the chorus. I like the echo you have going in the verses, bring that up, too. You may be resisting the expected, but add the echo/chant in the chorus also. The drive of the song insists upon it. I hope this commentary is useful. I love the positive vibe of this site, but sometimes people forget that the music, especially demos, are meant to have constructive advice. And there has to be something to the song to make me concerned enough to listen hard to it.
05/12/09 11:31:19PM @vesa:
This is a dynamic piece of music. God guitar artistry. Like that deep sound, most great, full sound...very great vocals and fine lyrics. Most enjoyable sound; original work. GREAT! Nifty harmonies. The vocals really moves this, with the good percussion to keep the groove. Seering guitar is tasty. Fine arranging. Good production. Great mix.
Like this.- Vesa.

01/18/09 07:23:52AM @mark-reed:
This is a great number, as a demo it's good enough to beat some masters I've heard. Cracking lyric, with a superb delivery. The instrumentation was excellent. I look forward to hearing the completed track well done
09/18/08 11:54:37AM @test200:
Always well written songs come from your corner Lonnie. Great feel and sound when the band comes in at the start. Your wearing this track on your sleave Lonnie, sometimes writing a song can ease the pain just getting the feeling out. I hope all things work out for you in the end mate. Your such a great guitar player to, I always listen for your lead breaks, very cool touch on them strings.
09/18/08 07:34:38AM @dazed:
Listened to this yesterday but wanted to spin it a few times before I commented. Love the vocal melody on here and guitar work in its raw form. This song is going to sound very different once you get the mix and master done. I keep hearing that acoustic guitar doubled to fatten it up a bit. Like the song a lot and hope you are doing ok.
The RatMan
09/17/08 09:06:13PM @the-ratman:
Kick **** song here, real nice beat and your vocals are real good. The RatMan!
09/17/08 04:21:31PM @mike-kohlgraf:
What an awesome track, Lonnie!!! Excellent all the way! Looking forward to playing this (by request, but I would have asked for it anyway!)


Rob Grant
09/17/08 04:17:44PM @rayon-vert:
Love the vocal phrasing on this song. The music and feel is's easy going and just puts a smile on my face. I like that. The lead was very tasty.....nice bass line. REALLY like this track...EXCELLENT JOB!!!!

09/17/08 02:13:57AM @ab2:
The talent here at the mix is second to none...:-) Everyone different..Great melody and crying, soft synths in the background..Impressive vocals and guitars... "I`m hanging on" nicely sung..:-)

peace n love mags :-)

Lyrical Princess
09/17/08 10:35:17AM @lyrical-princess:
Great Lyrics, Instrumental, Just everything about this song.
Wonderful job ~

Luca Wulf
09/17/08 03:41:43PM @huge-artist:
Mmmm,well I will refrain from trying to guess what it is youa re hanging on through...
"All the sorrows are but as shadiows
they pass and are done
but there is that which remains"

Can see how this is going to shape up...
Going to be a winner mate.
Good strong songwriting here for sure.
Look forward to the finished version.



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