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Leaving the Past Behind

album: Argue Street
genre: Rock
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Leaving the Past Behind
Lyrical Princess
06/29/09 07:34:14PM @lyrical-princess:
Hey Lonnie, I really enjoyed listening to this track.
Everything sounds awesome to me :) Very nice instrumental, clear vocals... And it's a very catchy tune ... Have a great week!!

All The Best,

08/20/08 10:57:36AM @test200:
Hi Lonnie, I always liked the way acoustic and rock guitars sound together. This is some good west coast rockin, great chorus vocal hook, sticks like glue. Man thats some great pickin at around 2 min, nice touch to the track. Good song..sounding great
08/20/08 10:42:51AM @ab1:
nice rockin start lonnie.. like the vocals.. the harmonies are real nice too.. a real sweet song this is..
I like all of it.. the lead fills are tasty and the harmony guitars are great.. i think the melody and singing
are the ear grabber man.. very cool song.. cheers.. :-)

01/23/09 02:05:08PM @vesa:
Alot of guitar strikes up the songs percussion keeps it movin' fine acoustic bright sound.
Very top vocals; fine range...Cool guitar playing, really an inspiration-original artistry here; Lots of fine EXPRESSION. Worth many listens. Into my faves it goes...indeed.
Really fine harmonies...great groove. Catchy tune...Love this.
EXCELLENT sound GREAT production.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

12/02/07 07:14:41PM @diva:
Very cool tune with some nice chord changes. This is mixed pretty well. I'm with Dazed in that a really snappy, tight snare sound would make this pop. I really like that acoustic guitar, the vocals and lyrics.
10/31/07 11:24:50PM @michael-nunley:
This is a quality production. I think the work you all put into it paid off.
10/21/07 04:36:19PM @dazed:
great song guys. music is fantastic as are the vocals. I thought the drums needed a little work in the mix. The snare didn't seem to pop like I thought it should. Could be me though. This tune is very good. I was digging it!


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