The Strangelights
The Strangelights

Free In The Night

genre: Indie
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  Song Lyrics
Sometimes are hardYou’re chased in fearThe jagged shardWould trace your tearsAnd if the scarMade the message unclearCount the starsAnd I’ll appearI’ll save...
  Song Information
 Produced by Rick Lucas, Ned Bressler and The Strangelights Arranged & Performed by The Strangelights Composed by Beau Phillips Copyright 2009
Free In The Night
06/08/10 07:18:32PM @the-revenge-of-the-cozyrs:
I can really hear the Morrissey influence in this one, so I like it right off the bat. Great tone to your voice, and great control (plus your lyrics, as usual, are top notch). I love the drumming in this song - very sparse, but very effective (and quite groovy - it's hard not to tap my feet along with it). The guitars have a great tone to them - I especially like the whammy bar touches here and there - and that fuzz guitar solo was great - it sounded so different from the rest of the song it's like you sampled it from a Dinosaur Jr. song - and I like that. Another great song from you guys.
02/20/10 07:26:37PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
So many influences buried in here but another very individual song well constructed and performed. ftlpope


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