The Kingstorm
The Kingstorm
The Kingstorm

Kingstorm - Moth To The Flame

album: Mystery
genre: Classic Rock
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  Song Information
Music & Production by: Josephrodz Lyrics & Vocals by: Ron Bowes Drums by: José Ruíz
Kingstorm - Moth To The Flame
12/07/20 06:42:30PM @thekingstorm:
Thank you very much @carol-sue you're so kind.
carol sue
12/07/20 03:31:03PM @carol-sue:
What a nice return after being away for a while.. man, you all can sure crank out some great music together! I'm behind on listening, but sure enjoyed the spins to catch-up so far! Wow, this is pretty hot!
You boys play well-together.. killer tune and great performances. Big ups!! ::encore:: Bravo! *****

11/13/20 07:44:59PM @thekingstorm:
Thanks for your comments @the-gigglefits, really appreciated.
The Gigglefits
11/12/20 12:36:30PM @the-gigglefits:
Great track loving the vibe on this one
11/10/20 03:23:40PM @thekingstorm:
Much thanks for your comments @jimsae we hope to doing more music.
11/10/20 10:52:35AM @jimsae:
A great project, guys, and some fantastic music!
11/08/20 10:14:08AM @thekingstorm:
Thank you very much @queen-regina for the support, let's keep helping each other so that the music doesn't stop.
Queen Regina
11/07/20 09:41:57PM @queen-regina:
Outstanding musicianship. Pure ear candy. Enjoying this music. Best wishes always.
11/07/20 09:24:17PM @josephrodz:
Thank you for your comment @moquinn , we will be making good music for you.
11/07/20 08:04:54PM @moquinn:
Wow! you guys really RAWK!! but, I already knew that
feeling a little bit better today after surgery sit at my computer briefly...just long enough to listen to a few of my favorite musicians
great lyrics too.....been there...done that....being much more foolish in my youth
& yes, did I mention ~ you 3 guys RAWK!!! thanks for sharing your music with us, Moe ;)

11/07/20 06:06:54PM @ronbowes:
Thanks for the great comments @kephas and @farrell-jackson ;-)
11/06/20 05:37:25PM @thekingstorm:
Thank you very much @farrell-jackson for those words that lead us to make good music for you.
Farrell Jackson
11/06/20 12:25:29PM @farrell-jackson:
This is excellent Kingstorm! It has such depth and atmosphere about it..... Great work by all !!!!!!!
11/06/20 11:36:52AM @thekingstorm:
Thank you very much @kephas for those great words that serve as encouragement to continue with good music.
11/06/20 11:26:11AM @kephas:
Kickin' performances and production!
This is *masterful* material here!
You guys kicked it up a notch on this one...
Deep lyrics matched by profound music.


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