The Kingstorm
The Kingstorm
The Kingstorm

Kingstorm - Dealbreaker

album: Mystery
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 59

  Song Information
Josephrodz - Music & Production Ron Bowes - Lyrics & Vocals José Ruíz - Drums
Kingstorm - Dealbreaker
12/26/20 11:17:37AM @hellz-abyss:
cool as
12/21/20 09:41:45AM @hooker-green:
My congrats. Perfect arrangement, amazing guitar and a very cool sound.
Queen Regina
12/20/20 01:31:14PM @queen-regina:
Another great song. You never disappoint. Rock on.
Farrell Jackson
12/20/20 09:57:35AM @farrell-jackson:
I'm back for another listen to this fine rocker...Kingstorm is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12/20/20 09:16:28AM @wricky:
~cheers for all that , studio quality audio with a "LIVE " sounding performance. Those great drum fills knit this all together, add in RB's "can do anything " vocals and harmony , JR's fret scorchin magic and I think you have a Deal Maker for your deal breaker , rock forth !!
12/19/20 02:45:49PM @jimsae:
Fantastic rocker, guys! A seriously tight band, with plenty of great surprises!
Paul rainbird
12/19/20 09:23:28AM @paul-rainbird:
I like it. great job guys 👌👍
12/17/20 02:41:39PM @thekingstorm:
We're glad you like it @carol-sue, keep rocking and do great music too.
carol sue
12/17/20 08:34:38AM @carol-sue:
Awesome track Kingstorm :)
You guys play so well together!
Bravoooo! *****

12/17/20 06:39:25AM @ronbowes:
Thanks for listening @avmo and @farrell-jackson. We had a blast ;-)
12/16/20 12:03:00PM @thekingstorm:
Much thanks for your sweet comment @avmo

Farrell Jackson
12/16/20 10:51:53AM @farrell-jackson:
Uh uh...a real head bobber of a rocker Kingstorm! Excellent vocals and lyric Ron. I like the driving drums and the phased/flanged solo rocks big time Joseph! That full stop caught me at mid step, lol. Nice one gentlemen!


12/16/20 10:44:01AM @avmo:
Great song! Good time romp!


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