A BRAND NEW START....Mista Perez

album: Collabs
genre: Rhythmic Soul
streams: 641

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I've had the opportunity to collab with same amazing talents... and this song is another...I'm very proud to be a part of. Featuring the amazing vocals...
A BRAND NEW START....Mista Perez
Luca Wulf
01/24/11 11:17:11AM @huge-artist:
Man I love the idea of a brand new start.....

Quite some collab you have here Larry.
I love those little whistles and burbles,so much atmosphere.
Bass was very nice as well,understated.
Vocals,VERY nice indeed.
They have a nice warm emotional feel to them.
The sort of voice you could listen to over and over again.

The song oozes summer and peace.
Just a beautiful song witha heart of gold.

01/15/11 06:11:50AM @robert-smith:
Fantastic! Larry, I just love your approach to music. The way you put everything together shows your musical pedigree. The vocals are top notch, the arrangement sublime. As per below, you are a musician that inspires.


12/31/10 09:03:17PM @saitkoray:
i don't want to write anything because i should listen again and again. when i heard great musical work, i see wherewolf's signature...Wherewolf means "Quality, great musical journey"

So, i do not want to write anything, JUST LISTEN.....

Mista Perez
12/11/10 06:03:37PM @mista-perez:
Larry is a Geniuse...and is fantastic to work with. A musician that inspires. Thank you for the inspiration Larry. :-)
12/11/10 05:17:33PM @cooter:
Larry and Mista Perez,

Another great Mixposure collab. Very nicely done by you both. The great music keeps on coming. Thumbs-up, guys! :-)


12/11/10 03:28:17PM @mark-cloutier:
Some really terrific collabs i am hearing at the Mix--fabulous mix across the board--relaxing and most enjoyable performance and production! cheers!!
12/11/10 12:21:47AM @david-c-deal:
I love the harmonies after 1 minute mark. Keybro, you provide your familiar, pro key bed in this this song. Solid lyrics and great feel.


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