~The Best Is Yet To Come~

album: Time will Tell
genre: Instrumental
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I've had this song for awhile...uncertain of what to do with it...LOL !! It has a Steely Dan vibe IMO!!I think it's a good time,uplifting groove and...
~The Best Is Yet To Come~
09/13/17 06:25:38AM @janeway:
nice atmosphere and perfectly composed , i'll want to listen again for sure!
09/25/15 08:28:14PM @tlt50:
Joe....These comments coming from you mean a great deal Thanks Bro. All the best..., my friend
Larry T....

09/24/15 10:54:55PM @joegande:
What a groovy track!! I really dig this song Larry...such a great feel good vibe...awesome instrumentation! Had to listen a few times! :) Bravo!!
03/08/11 11:06:09PM @tlt50:
I just need to thank you all....for the wonderful comments....Bless you.....truly amazing people. I shared this track...years ago....during a time Rob Grants was going thru some tough times...! I've also shared it for other occassions. One of my favorite tracks so your word ...mean the world to me...Thx Peeps...~~:)*


03/07/11 01:53:18PM @jusananomaly:
AWESOME!!! this is just great. Love the jazzy up tempo sort of his this big band swing to it. great job Larry.
03/05/11 08:17:03PM @stratoace:
Nice vibe and groove to this..good mix too..enjoyed..
Lyrical Princess
03/06/11 05:31:30PM @lyrical-princess:
The Best Is Yet To Come ~ I sure hope so.. I keep waiting for it..!! This is truly a Beautiful song Larry.. Not sure what you think.. But would be willing to try & write lyrics for this track if you'd like..
03/06/11 08:19:03AM @david-c-deal:
I've never heard a bad apple out of you keybro. Your smooth style shines through again. The kind of song you feel like shuffling down the sidewalk without a care to.
Farrell Jackson
03/07/11 10:58:16AM @farrell-jackson:
Larry this is as smooth as any Donald Fagan song! The keys have got me humming along with the subtle this is such a feel good song...which is great for this gloomy Monday morning here in CA. Thanks for creating this one Larry!


03/06/11 07:22:53AM @mark-cloutier:
Killer arrangement and a joyful vibe and ride!! You are quite the creator--you do it all! fantastic!!


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