~I Remember When~

album: Time will Tell
genre: Instrumental
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Awwww ...Just a tune, I like....! Probably for my,,, keybros...:))
~I Remember When~
margot du bois
08/28/11 01:53:14AM @margot:
Hi Larry, so nice to hear your music again..I looked through all you song titles and read some of the awesome reviews you have and then decided to listen to this one..I`ve taken an emotional battering over the last few months and needed a gentle groove to listen to and have found it here with this piece from you..It really is very beautiful, easy on the ears, mind and soul...A laid back groove that sits nicely with me on this misty, alpine morning. it`s calming and eases me gently into the day..Lovely..
Thankyou so much for stopping by and listening to my new one, forgive me mentioning it here, but as you probably know, a lot of pm`s are arriving without the content..

Love n hugs, Margot...xx :-)

06/01/11 01:23:51AM @static-nomad:
Hello. Thought I'd check your stuff after your kind review of my 'Circular Motion' track. I really like the conistency of this one - the way that it just sits and doesn't really go anywhere.

I wish I could do this more effectively as I tend to make dynamic changes nwhich take my tracks in twisting and turning directions.

This just stays tight in one place and then gets the most out of it with that intricate keyboard playing and those warm pads and little synth runs that pop up just when it seems right.

I shall try to learn from it...

04/24/11 07:51:42AM @lucindra:
The electric piano patch on this is most fitting.....nicely done indeed !!....I really can't compare this to anyone's just SO sweet.....listening again....will look for d/l.....enjoyed it again....very soothing this Easter morning......
04/24/11 06:10:00AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Wow I wish I could get your piano playing on my stuff. Cool in a different way - great excursion around a lovely chord sequence and very effective with the absent bass if you get my drift. ftlpope
04/24/11 07:00:42AM @bri-an:
Awww nice Larry, your use of a subtle delay on the keys is perfect...delicate touch sends this off to a groove of it's own... really great toon here.
04/25/11 11:00:13AM @david-c-deal:
You have a truly unique style. Nice technique on the EP and beautiful feel/timing. You always kick butt keybro.


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