HELP......with Doctor C, Gary C and me !!

album: Collabs
genre: ~Weird shit "
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HELP..........Rightly named,because of the great work and fantastic musical skills of Dr. C and Gary C.     Thanks my, friends !!!!!!!!! Doctor...
HELP......with Doctor C, Gary C and me !!
Incarnate Word
03/06/10 06:40:37PM @incarnate-word:
I love it this was the last of your library I was reviewing and I love the classical intro, its really neo classical. Love the New Age feel and swing. it also has a little Larry Funkyness to it. Greaty Job. Wolfman.
gary burris
05/24/08 03:10:21PM @gary-burris:
Man Heroes is a totaly beautiful compostion outstanding as allways my friend great tribute to those who sacrificed to protect our way of life cudos!
Luca Wulf
03/29/08 04:38:43PM @huge-artist:
When you enlist such folks,it HAS to be interesting...
And,it certainly is that.
We are hitting progrock here,but....
It has a more........contemporary feel?
SUPERB musicanship from everyone.
Top notch song writing as well I might also add!!!
Gary's lead break was WILD!!!
Doc C is awesome,and your good self mate,top damn notch.
This is C L A S S.

Global Trancemission
01/28/08 04:31:48PM @global-trancemission:
Top marks here for originality and creativity.
Very hard to put a label on this...kind of progressive rock with some funky overtones !!!
Great level of musicianship....keys are really cool and the guitars have a great complimentary sound.
I like the way the tune kind of bounces around in a very unpredictable way....organised chaos !!!!
Good production ......excellent work.

Rob Grant
01/13/08 08:09:12PM @rayon-vert:
SUPER GROOVE!!! really pulled off a nice track here...You ALL SHINE!!!

01/11/08 04:56:18PM @robert-smith:
Hi Fellas

Excellent and very interesting work. It really held my attention from begining to end. Great keyboard work and sounds, with some excellent work from Gary coming in on guitar. You guy's work so well together - great stuff!

01/11/08 02:12:44PM @tcp:
Excellent collab by highly regarded question. Love the eclectic sounds riding on top of a somewhat understated groove. Very creative guys....and I love the overall vibe on this. Larry, this is a winner! ~Blake
01/11/08 11:05:04AM @pyramis:
Ok,is this Three Amigos,or Tres Hombres ?
Excellent work guys,but who would have thought
anything else possible from this stellar lineup ?
Really creative use of effects in this tune.

01/11/08 10:27:06AM @brian-mattson:
Very much unlike anything I could classify ... reminds me of a twisted cartoon character that needs some help in a big way! lol Great musicianship on this, and I just love the concept.

I love the organ riffs man! Beautiful guitar, synth and piano as well. I love when it settles into the funky groove fadeout because I had to go back and listen to this one again!

01/11/08 07:02:03AM @tlt50:
Shane ,my super talented phenom, I'd give ya' a high five if I could. Thanks bro.
The awesome one, Doctor C.......did the final mix and mastering on this baby,he did a fantastic job., as always..........
Oh,,, I happen to see a new tune by one of my favs,sorry I must go and give it a spin or 3

Thanks, ma' man,
Larry T.....

01/11/08 04:02:55AM @shane:
Okay,, sorry,, i was being silly. but really, i have come to admire the work of Larry talbot, Doctor C, and Gary Carciello individually so much that, seeing a track show up on the list such as this, -- i know ahead of time that it will be great-- and that i'll dig it . Kind of like when you get familiar with an actor who's style you like,, any thing that comes out , you already have an opinion that you like it.

This track, HELP,, sounds quite different to my ears. There are unique approaches to many aspects i think. Unique i mean to what you might expect from these artists.

The production is pristine. Very cool use of jet sound effects, balanced in with the movements of the music ,, cool. Alot of work going on here from Doc, organ, mono synth, dx piano etc.

I think, that this track has a drama feel to it. It has that quality of something that is used to depict or accompany a media film production of some type. Carciello ,, seems to never lock into a single groove in his art of musicianship. The chosen voice of lead guitar here is unique- sounds almost under water- and that's all just great of course. All the elements of this work together for the good of this track.

Fine production Wherewolf,, . this is a creation to be proud of.
ps- if i am wrong about any of my assertions here, please pardon me. And feel free correct me if i need it. !!

01/11/08 03:57:59AM @diva:
What a cool intro. Love that big organ. But that little riff after the organ intro, is just too damns cool. Love it. Nice synth work in there, too. Any song that keep my interest from first note to last, is a good 'un. Great job. Well recorded. Nicely done.


01/11/08 03:52:01AM @shane:
ha ha !!! me grabba da firs spot !!!


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