~* Feel The Funk*~

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Cleaning house...hard drive....found this old track...back when my chops.. had their shit together....LOL ! Anywaywho....I left some room for some guitar...
~* Feel The Funk*~
05/20/18 05:26:15PM @tlt50:
William da' man. Thanks! :)


05/20/18 02:43:57PM @william:
What a great "GROOVE"..... lots of fun, and where did you get that soul from ???
If I had any criticism, it would be

02/02/18 06:33:31PM @tlt50:
Ed.....thanks for the very kind words.....Appreciate it, my friend. :)


02/02/18 09:54:00AM @waveman:
lovin the cut beats in this larry, one of those grooves ya just love to watch the keyboard player work, very cool
Gary Shukoski
11/22/16 11:07:42PM @gary-shukoski:
Fantastic funky, jazzy feel to this one too!
08/13/11 03:23:45AM @digger-stone:
lucindra! that is the best review ever.......! lmfaooooooo!

wolf i am with lu... bad ass bro! this is sick great!


08/12/11 07:59:29PM @josephrodz:
OMG! Lucindra,LOL!!!!!
I know this track has the great moving beat wich i like very much,but you kill me with your comment,LOL!!!!
My Brother Larry,count me in to funk everyone with this music,LOL!!!
Great track as always brother. I hear some brass and a nice melody line.

Lyrical Princess
08/12/11 07:07:50PM @lyrical-princess:
After my day.. I needed this.. Very upbeat Funky tune.. I feel so much energy has been put into this.. My heart smiles warmly.. And my body bounces to the Beat.. Keep on with the Funk.. It looks and sounds great on you.. Love it!! XoXo
08/12/11 09:42:49AM @lucindra:
Great feel on this groove Larry.........AAAWOOOOOO,,,,I love it when you funk me.....and you funk me good !!! time....funk me from behind.......AAAWOOOOOO !!
Mista Perez
08/12/11 05:47:55AM @mista-perez:
I felt the funk and did the laundry right after. Great Tune, complex keys and a fantastic melody to boot and that organ whoa.
Farrell Jackson
08/11/11 06:23:26PM @farrell-jackson:
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is very funky and I can feel it and you definitely found it Larry!


joe nickerson
08/28/11 03:35:35AM @joe-nickerson:
hi larry.. came to hear you and joe rod do that funky thing but he ain't here.. i guess he took you up on your collab offer.. it sounds great and i'll keep looking for the collab version.. cheers :-)
08/14/11 11:30:46AM @david-c-deal:
You are such a talent. I have no idea how to play this kind of style and am awed by your ability. Sounds FANTASTIC!


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